Heads-Up Display Pictures

Sorry about the quality of some of these shots - it's hard to get good low-light pictures in an idling car.  Anyway, you know the drill - click on a picture for a larger 800x600 size image.
Here's the display in the current test enclosure. Notice the 9-pin serial connector at the bottom, for scale. Also, my cluttered workbench makes a web debut.
Here's the first image that the VFD shows when powered on.
Here's the view from the Driver's seat, looking out at my garage door. Right below the numbers on the windshield is the VFD and test enclosure.
Here's from the same vantage point, but only closer. Sorry about the quality of the shot, but it's hard to get these things right in low light conditions. You can see the "Ghosting" effects here quite clearly.
Here's a somewhat better shot - ghosting still evident. 
Here's a shot with a strip of window tint added to cut the ghosting of the letters.  I'm using a stick-on 50% (limo-dark) tint here, for testing.  Ideally, I'd use only as much tint as necessary to cut the ghosting.  Having a floating strip of window tint in your view can be sort of distracting.

Sorry about the quality of focus - it really looks sharp in person.. I'll work on better pics, promise!

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